Denk- und Produktionsort
Labor – für gelungene Abhängigkeiten

Collaborative week program thematizing radical softness, and activating a group exchange on practices, and ethics of care. The program will be outlined collectively aiming to look at how vulnerability, dependence, and interdependence can be affective dispositions able to redefine our social connections and their political awareness.

What potentials and values carry our relationships, when we try to understand, articulate, and perform care as a vector for radical change, political emancipation, and social mobilisation?

How can we make space for our vulnerabilities so that they can participate in shaping our resistance and relationships?

What role do the spatial and geographic circumstances in which we find ourselves play, in the question of how we can resist normative concepts of how to live? Which potential does the rural area hold, which the urban?

For the duration of one week,Cheerful Weaves - Labor für gelungene Abhängigkeiten will take place in Libken, formerly inhabited by workers from LPG (Agricultural Production Cooperative) in the GDR. It sets out to be an open frame and self-organised process to reflect and experiment with collective practices of care.

In a collective act, we want to draw attention to approaches, practices and policies that account for reproductive and emotional labour into our relationships, enabling us to develop consensual binding forms of life at a critical distance from the neoliberal-capitalist matrix and its promises. So the question can be: how can we, and how do we want to relate to each other?

In opening this question to a broader constellation of participants, we are moved by the curiosity of researching concepts of caring inter-dependencies, framed as mutual reliance on each other. In celebrating them we want to examine their meaning and ask how they can contribute, once being chosen explicitly and consensually, to empower us as people, communities, friends, lovers, and kin makers. We believe in the power of caring, as a radical and integrative alliance for solidarity, enabling us to perceive each other in terms of privilege, power, and economic position within society.

The content of the week will consist of the sum of what we all bring with us. This can be anything ranging from discussions and questions, somatic and theoretical practices, or even sound, visual, and performing arts that could be appraised collectively. We aim to create a space between theory and activist discourse, pleasure, and rest.

Solidary contribution

We can finance Cheerful Weaves partly through funding. We would like to cover the remaining amount through solidarity contributions from us, the participants. We suggest two contributions that cover the accommodation and foor for each of us.

Reduced contribution: 135,- per person for the whole period

Full contribution: 210,- per person for the whole period

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