Denk- und Produktionsort
Projekt – Projekt

The core of Denk- und Produktionsort Libken is a four-storey residential building with 24 apartments on the edge of the 80-inhabitant village of Böckenberg in the Uckermark. Like many similar buildings, the building was doomed to demolition due to vacancy. Since 2014, it has been gradually renovated in various constellations and with the help of friends and supporters.

Today, Libken is a residency that offers space to people and their projects in areas such as art, culture, activism, movement and science. Both individuals and groups of up to around 40 people can rent apartments of various sizes and layouts in Libken and use the workspaces and spacious grounds.

Alongside the running of the residency, we work with artists and cultural practitioners to put on programs ranging from workshops and exhibitions to film screenings, readings, symposia and festivals. Libken also grants room scholarships as and when possible. In our activities, cooperation within the region and beyond is also important to us.

We see Libken as a place of retreat and concentration, but also as a place for exchange, discourse and experimentation with different ways of working and living. Libken thrives on the impulses that both its operators as well as long-term and short-term collaborators and guests bring with them and is therefore a place in constant change.

Libken is run by a non-profit association. The residency is currently organized by a team of four people in cooperation with the owners.

Lib·ken, english (outdated) for house, cottage, accomodation