Denk- und Produktionsort
Layton Lachman – "Fountain of Youth / Jungbrunnenmythen"

Layton Lachman
is a choreographer who creates performances rooted in somatics, channeling these experiential practices into immersive, sensorially complex worlds. Layton is committed to dance practice centered on group study and collective authorship — with the understanding that we are always collaborating with those who come before, after, and with us. Layton received a BFA in Choreography from Ohio University, USA. After working for seven years in San Francisco alongside Abby Crain, Mara Poliak, Kathleen Hermesdorf, Sara Shelton Mann, and SALTA among others, Layton relocated to Berlin. For the past five years they have often been engaged with T.E.N.T. collective — creating experimental curatorial platforms — as well as teaching dance and developing their own ensemble choreographies.

Foto: Layton Lachman

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