Denk- und Produktionsort
Pit Heinrich

Pit Heinrich (he/him) studied literature in Freiburg and Paris. After excursions into journalism and cultural work, he is currently studying at the Peter-Szondi Institute in Berlin. Pit leads a student seminar on literature and its theory and also works as a reading mentor in an elementary school. He is interested in constructing and deconstructing worlds in language. There, the focus is always on questions between ecology, identities and poetry. Pit’s texts have appeared in various magazines in Germany and Switzerland.

In Libken, I worked on a three-part prose poem that attempts to tell a story of the relationship between humans and nature. The story stretches from 1347 to the future, from the outbreak of the pest in Italy to the transformation of the Alps into a new sea. To this end, I have reworked historical material and tried to approach the question of what is separating us from our surroundings and how we can deal with this catastrophe.

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