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Lilli Braunisch – The Discursive Construction of Political Reality

Lilli Braunisch (*1985) is a sociologist who works at the intersection between politics, arts and the city. She lives in Berlin.

How do we come to perceive our reality as a manifest world and orientation? How do ideologies and ideas develop that underlie our interpretation of the world? How do these ideologies and ideas persist? I examine these questions using the example of the concept of innovation in the German Bundestag. For politics, with its dominant influence on all areas of society, this is a particularly essential question: How is the concept of innovation discursively constituted as an established hype concept in politics? How is the concept implemented and employed to such an extent that the economic maxims anchored in it are transferred to numerous areas of society? Libken gave me the space to explore these questions further.

Photo: Richard Rocholl

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